Have you heard of St. Joseph for Real Estate?

There are many symbols of fortune and luck through out time. From four leaf clovers to horseshoes and rabbits feet. Did you know there was one to sell houses? A small statue of St. Joseph is sold both online and in the local real estate office. Some agents swear by his selling power. It is to be buried in the front yard and that is supposed to bring a buyer. I have also seen homeowners purchase one and place it on the mantle of their home.  There is never any harm in a little wishing for luck.  Wishing needs to also include all the other details and great marketing to get a property sold.  Want to sell your home for top dollar? Call me 732-735-0535 for your Hunterdon or Warren County real estate needs. Our office is conveniently located in beautiful Clinton NJ. IMG_2344


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Thank you to all my 2018 sellers and buyers! I am grateful for all the referrals and look forward to all that 2019 will bring. I reached Berkshire Hathaway’s Leading Edge society last year closing over 5 Million in sales and was #5 in my office! It was my pleasure to meet and exceed all your expectations with a smile and a laugh.


My passion for property is rooted in my background of interior design. I can always see the potential. Making the right design decisions when getting ready to sell is key. Sometimes it is painting and other times just a small bit of rearranging. Outstanding photography is another part of the quality approach I use.

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SOLD at asking price! Under Contact in 7days!

Cute dog model Rudy loved working with pet friendly agent Amy. His home was dreamy and went under contract in 7 days with multiple offers. It sold at asking price and is the new neighborhood record. This is what happens when you work with a professional agent. When sellers and their agent are a team great things happen!

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Why wouldn’t a seller take the highest offer?


The above link is just one of the reasons a seller might not take the highest offer. When working with a seller many things come into play other than money. Often the terms of the offer are just as important. When can the buyer close? Do they have a home to sell in order to purchase? Has a buyer professed a love for the home that makes a seller feel good about it? Is the money down significant if it is not all cash?

Just one more reason to work with a professional agent selling or buying. Professional agents help guide you to the best decision.

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A funny quick bit about Feng Shui & what it means to you!

A funny quick bit about Feng Shui and what it means to you!

It is a philosophical Chinese method of placement.  It is both how a house sits in a landscape as well as the objects and flow inside a home. It can be as basic as it’s meaning of wind (Feng) and water (Shui) or the flow of what are life essentials around the globe. Wind and water mean life and their energies bring life force and harmony or chi.

What does it mean in the west? A great western example is of the American garage. Built to hold a car and yet when it is raining and snowing and you are carrying groceries in to the house and getting wet.  Why…. because the garage is so disorganized that a car does not fit in it. The solution to change your chi here is to clean the garage and use it as intended. Another example is furniture placement. The coffee table that you hate and always bang your shin on.  Move or get rid of it. There is no harmony in a bruised shin.

Taking care of the things around you so that they take care of you is the most basic drill down of the concept. Clean out the basement and make room for the kids to play. Have less clutter so that your life functions in a way that makes you function better. Functioning better by being on time and being more relaxed and prepared for your day is a win in any method be it Chinese or common sense.

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