Thoughts on Selling During the Holidays from Agent Amy Roth in Hunterdon County, NJ

20171215_191656_1513446794484Many sellers feel they should wait to list their home or have their agent temporarily remove it from the market. However, even during the holiday season people continue to shop for homes. Consider the following:




  • During the season you and your home are both festive and ready for guests. What says welcome more than sparkle and cookies?
  • There are many special mortgage products that make buying a better choice than renting. Those buyers are out there.
  • A place to call home represents a new beginning for buyers and sellers. When the glasses clink and the clock chimes, people make decisions about where they want to be next year.
  • The tax benefits can be part of the reason someone may be buying or selling at the end of the year. A tax professional can help answer questions related to both.
  • Serious buyers are out there and are not at the malls. They have extra time off from work and are putting it to good use. Fewer people are “just looking” and are actually in-market!


Waiting for the “spring market” means you have more competition. A professional agent can help guide you through all the seasons of selling.

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